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Lyrics from A-Z

Lyrics from A-Z

Don't Suppose

(Music and Lyrics: Limahl)

Don't suppose I should ask any questions
Don't suppose I should know any more
Don't suppose you have any suggestions
To make you come knocking at my door

Don't suppose there's a chance to talk it over
Don't suppose you would understand
If we could come to terms with one another
While meeting each others demands

Half of the fun is the falling out
And making the reconcile
There will be times when I'll scream and shout
Baby that's not your style
Half of the fun is the reason I'm here

Don't suppose I could persuade you
Don't suppose I could make you see
Lovers are a special breed of person
Who don't suffer from uncertainty

Repeat CHORUS and fade

("Don't Suppose" Album, 1984)