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Lyrics from A-Z

Lyrics from A-Z

For My Heart's Sake

(Music: Giorgio Moroder, Lyrics: Limahl)

With music playing softly and lights burning low
It's easy to ask for a dance
And we stray a little further to walk in the dark
Feeling the sweetest romance

But when I look into my memory
Then I lose all my nerve
Something always gets in the way
A closer look into my memory
And the voice will be heard
There was pain once before
So I have to be sure
For my heart's sake

It's a natural occurrence when love has gone wrong
To build up your wall of defence
So I watch you through my barrier hoping to find
A person who holds no pretence


Voices are saying possible doubt
Gently debating, checking you out
Need a decision unfortunately
It's better to be safe than sorry

CHORUS repeat and fade

("Colour All My Days" Album, 1986)