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Lyrics from A-Z

Lyrics from A-Z

The Greenhouse Effect (Live)

(Music and Lyrics: Limahl)

Better be careful, better beware
High above there's something in the air
You cannot see it and it doesn't show
But sooner or later we all will know

Look around you but not too far
It's not our fault it's just the way things are
Get the picture I can see it now
The future race wandering how

There's no pretending no disguise
Let's face the facts we cannot run and hide
We're creating problems with the seeds we sow
As the pendulum swings too and fro

Something must happen this is suicide
Is the planets destiny worth the try
And tomorrow when the day is come
We can all look up and still be one

(auf den ersten Pressungen von "Don't Suppose" Album, 1984,
B-Seite "Tar Beach", Single und Maxi, 1984) )