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Lyrics from A-Z

Lyrics from A-Z

Then Suddenly

(Music and Lyrics: Limahl)

Listen baby if I may explain
It’s been a long time waiting
To coming from the rain
There was a cold, cold winter
Through my summertime
Don’t look around
When love is staring you right in the eyes

Then Suddenly
The memories come rushing back to me
So suddenly
I’m only half the man I used to be
I don’t believe
But maybe there is still a chance for you and me

So I stand here in my lonely street
Behind the broken picture
Still so incomplete
Were I to make you a promise
I would guarantee
We’ll be together baby until eternity


Maybe there is a way to let you know
Baby I was a fool to let you go


Repeat and fade

("12” of Pleasure – The Ultimate Dance Party" Sampler Album, 1999)