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Lyrics from A-Z

Lyrics from A-Z

Working Out

(Music: Giorgio Moroder, Lyrics: Limahl)

If there is ever a moment to be taken shy
It's when I have to take off my clothes
And so I've finally planned to get my act together
In an effort to be put on show

So I'm working out
To be a physical dream
Working out
Could even make the movie screen
Working out
To build up confidence
Working out
Because you know it makes sense

With the curves in their selective places
I'll be a miracle of modern man
And the body I see in the mirror
Will be lost forever in my historic plan


Sometimes nature will deliver right on time
And my wish may finally come true
So with a little bit of toning here and there
From the glossy magazines I'll be facing you


Young man have you ever appeared in a movie before
The casting director is looking for someone just like you
We may have to change your name of course
And the contract could tie you up for the next five years
Why don't you fly to Hollywood next week
At home we call it Tinseltown

Let's do dinner
Let's do dessert
Let's do cocktails
Have a nice day

("Colour All My Days" Album, 1986)