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'Girls still go gooey for star Limahl'

MADONNA might have her work cut out keeping in shape for that energetic tour of hers, but she's not the only one. For I hear of another pop star intent on staying trim for his live gigs - former Kajagoogoo singer, Limahl.

I caught up with the Wigan-born performer ahead of his appearance at Friday night's 80s Party concert at Capesthorne Hall in Macclesfield, where he will be sharing the stage with Tony Hadley, the Human League and Go West.

And, so keen is he on keeping fit, that he didn't even take a break from his exercise bike to chat.

"I'm just burning some calories. I have got no choice - I'm not getting any younger!" he gasps.

"I've just been on a German TV show called Come Back, a bit like Reborn In The USA, and the pressure of being scrutinised all the time by cameras has made me very self-conscious

"Also, I definitely psyche myself up for being on stage because it's a bit like doing an hour's aerobics. People don't realise how much energy it takes to sing and hit all those high notes - but I always feel like I've done a marathon."

Meanwhile, although he might be enjoying a renaissance in Germany following his TV appearance, Limahl tells me he doesn't have any plans to release any new material over here.

Instead, it seems he is just having too much fun performing on tour alongside his former 80s cohorts.

"I don't know what record company would sign a 45-year-old former 80s pop star," he tells me. "But I have learned to embrace the fact that our audience love listening to our old songs because it reminds them of their first snog and life before kids!"

Who could want more than that?

Limahl performs at Capesthorne Hall in Macclesfield on Friday, June 4. Tickets are sold out.

Quelle: Manchester Online, 3. Juni 2004