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'It's a never ending story'

Limahl and Kajagoogoo have appeared on stage together for the first time in 20 years.

The band's former lead singer and the rest of the guys put aside their differences in London's Scala Club to perform a half hour set for a documentary being made by cable TV music channel VH1. It was the first time Wiganer Limahl, real name Chris Hamill, had appeared on stage since his father died last month.

The event – which was filmed on Sunday night – was witnessed by around 150 staunch fans, friends and family, who saw the original band of Nick Beggs, Steve Askew, Stuart Neale, Jez Strode and Limahl.

They played a couple of the hits which made their names, Too Shy and Hang On Now and the rest of Kajagoogoo even allowed Limahl to do a rendition of his hit The Never Ending Story.

The film-makers convinced the band to reform for one last hurrah, although some took more persuading than others. Nick Beggs, Kajagoogoo's bass player, was less than keen at first. He said: "I said I would never have more children, re-marry or reform Kajagoogoo – and now look at me."

Back in November 1983, Limahl was booted out of Kajagoogoo, citing "personal differences" between himself and the band's management. At the time he said "never ever again would they perform together." He also revealed that the band had tried to get back together four years ago.

The documentary will be screened in the New Year.

Quelle: Wigan Today , 29. Oktober 2003